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"Entertainment is the primary component that will make your wedding reception everything you dreamed it would be."

-Peter Merry, The Best Wedding Reception ... Ever!


Let us help you make your wedding reception a joyous celebration of your marriage. Choose from a range of options for a fun, elegant and unique wedding party. Let us help you create an experience that you, your family and friends will be raving about for years to come. We will work with you to prepare music to be played during drinks and appetizers, your entrance, the first dance, the father/dauther and mother/son dances, the dinner, cake cutting, bouquet and garder toss, and open dancing. We offer lighing options from simple dance floor excitement to programmed lights to compliment and accent your decor. We also offer projections options to play your photo/video montage on our giant screen at the appointed times. This can even be during your dance since we mount our projector on the truss above the dance floor.

Couple Dancing Under Lights
Couples enjoy dancing in a cloud of mist made by a fog machine. We created our own special fog chiller so the fog initially lays on the floor to simulate a "dance on the clouds" for the first dance. As the fog warms up, it rises, creating a three dimensional effect for the lights. If you want to use this effect, make sure that your venue allows fog and uses heat sensors in its fire alarm system rather than particle (smoke) sensors.
Skrims add an elegant touch for the truss and speaker stands. We can cover the speaker stands and truss base legs with specially designed white stretch fabric. The material meets fire code standards as it is fire retardant. It also lets light through giving the par cans set behind a wonderful glow as pictured to the right. Upgrade to skrims for $100. This also adds an extra .5 hour to set-up time. Skrims
Another popular upgrade is to use a custom gobo with the names of the bride and groom. "Gobo" is the name used in theatrical and lighting circles for a disk with an image cut into it placed in front of a light to create a background. They are a great addition for wedding decoration. We use Chauvet's GoboZoom 2.0 projector. This allows us to mount the projector onto the truss and project nearly anywhere in the room. There is no charge to project your gobo. There are a number of companies that cut custom steel gobos for wedding parties. These companies usually charge between $100 and $200 for the gobo. Alternatively, if you are proficient at computer graphics, our projector can use disks printed on transperancy paper. You can create your own at no charge! If you design the gobo but need us to print it on transperancy paper and cut it, we charge $25. If you want us to design, print and cut the gobo, we charge $50 per hour. Gobo Examples
The story of your love should be told at the wedding. Family and friends coming from out of town, or people you have not seen for a while may not know how you met. You could tell the story over and over again during the course of your party. Or your MC could tell it. And if you are into risk-taking, you can have your best man tell it. But a powerful way to communicate your history is with a slide show of your dating, family meetings, video clips of your proposal, etc. You may also want to have a photo montage playing in the background during your dinner or even open dancing. Also, it is becoming more common for out-of-state family and friends who cannot attend the wedding and reception to video record a short message of congradulations and well-wishing. We can project this on our huge 8 foot x 6 foot screen during your reception. If you need us to produce the video/photo show or compile video messages from friends and family, we are happy to take care of it for you. We charge $50 per hour for time to do the production work.
One really fun trend we are seeing is a special first dance, father/daughter or mother/son dance that has been pre-choreographed to wow the guests and catch them by surprise. The example to the right is just one of many we've enjoyed watching on YouTube. In order to do this, the music needs to be pre-mixed so you can work with your choreographer to make sure your timing is spot on. We work with you to create the perfect mix. Our charge to do this is $50 per hour.  
If you need sound reinforcement for the wedding ceremony, we can do that, too. Couples who desire that their ceremony be amplified need microphones that are discreet, yet pick up well. We have both lavalier and head worn mics that can be worn by the officiant, bride and groom. We have additional mics for soloists and musicians. We charge $250 for ceremonies that occur at the same location as the reception and $500 when the equipment needs to be transported. These prices include participation at the rehearsal to make sure we know exactly what you will be needing and test it all in advance.
Add drama to your backdrop with columns of light. The example to the right shows par can beams illuminating the wall behind the wedding party's table. The par cans can be programmed to be any color you desire. Through DMX control the lights can serve double duty, coordinating with the dance lights and/or turned sound active to follow the music when dancing begins. Par Can Uplights
Master of Ceremonies ("MC") - Most wedding parties will choose somebody from the family or a close friend to act as the MC for the reception, guiding the guests through the evening. We will provide the MC with a microphone to use throughout the evening. We can make basic introductions and announcements as needed throughout the evening at no charge. However, if the wedding party would like a professional MC and does not have anyone in the party who can do it, we can serve as the MC for the evening. We charge $1,000 to do this. We work extensively with the wedding couple to prepare an engaging evening filled with encouragement for guest participation.
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