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Red Carpet Entertainment Services

We are able to offer the following equipment options for our shows depending on the needs of your event.  We scale the show based on your needs and budget.

I. Architecture:

* Your guests will feel like stars as they enter your party on our 4' x 10' red carpet with brass stanchions and red velvet ropes at the main entrance. We also provide our step-and-repeat setup along with two umbrella lights for high quality pictures on the red carpet.
* Our show features a number of elements that would normally take up precious dance space. We can raise everything up 10 feet above your guests' heads with our nightclub quality aluminum truss. The bounce effect of the lights off the shiny truss gives the room a modern sexy sparkle and lets your guests know they are at a high end event. The truss can be arranged in various configurations based on what works best for a venue.
* The black fabric used to backdrop the truss and drape the DJ table is inherently fire retardant (IFR) and complies with city regulations for public performances.

 This is a time-lapse video of our setup at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church's fellowship hall. Video by Levi Nilsson - Apogee Studios

II. Music:

* Red Carpet Entertainment, LLC uses all digital music. The crowd can jump up and down as much as they want, there is no needle/CD laser skip danger. The "Information Age" provides an unprecedented opportunity to build soundscapes for any occasion. Our DJs are knowledgeable on a wide variety of music. And if your event is based on a theme they are unfamiliar with, the DJs will prepare for the event by studying the music of the period/style/era. We can play anything you request as long as we can find it on Amazon or iTunes. All music we play is clean. If a clean version is not available for a song you want played, we can prepare an edited version for the performance.
* Enjoy the live on-the-fly mixes our DJs produce on our state of the art Denon Prime 4 DJ Controller. The DJs will spin and mix music using a combination of talent and technology to create an atmosphere of energy and excitement. Quad deck input allow our DJs to take the party music from mellow background ambiance to a beat-matched throw-your-hands-in-the-air dance frenzy.
* Two JBL 515XT (15") main cabinet speakers (625 watts each) push the treble and midrange.
* One JBL 518S (18") sub-woofer (500 watts) vibrates your guests to giddiness.
* Customizable Microphone Banks - hand-held, lavalier and headset mics allow you and your guests to offer toasts, announcements, songs and skits. Our staff will coordinate your show to make sure speakers/singers have what they need to sound great.  
* The way you dress makes a big difference in everyone's enjoyment of your party. People go to parties because they want to spend time with attractive and fascinating people. They are also looking forward to an opportunity to show off their great style. Our DJs understand this effect on group energy. They dress in formal attire or to the party theme based on your request. We look good so you look great.
* Shall we dance? There are a number of factors that tend to determine whether your guests will choose to dance. We can help you prepare your space and your crowd if this is what you want to happen. Our DJs resolve intergenerational conflict in dance style by leading the group in various dances to see what appeals to the guests. Whether you are looking for fun line dances, formal ballroom style or music everyone can jump to, our DJs can get the room moving. We can teach basic steps to easy and fun line dance, club, swing, ballroom and Latin dances so nobody feels left out. And we have a few special tricks up our sleeves that get people laughing and moving to the beat.

Red Carpet

Your guests feel like VIPs on the red carpet entrance.



III. Lighting:

* We offer over twenty special effects lights including par cans, beams, moving head spots, scanners, lasers and gobos. All of our lights are either LED or laser meaning we draw very little power and generate very little heat. Unlike previous generations of special effects lighting, the risk of fire has been virtually eliminated.
* For our larger shows, one of our computers is completely dedicated to DMX (digital) control of our light show. This computer holds a bank of lighting scenes that we pre-program. During the show a DJ controls the lights to go with the music. "We play lights like orchestras play symphonies."
* We also use 1,100 watt fog machines for "Dancing On The Clouds" and 3D lighting effects. The picture to the right demonstrates the fog effect on lighting. If there is no fog, guests see the light at the source and where it hits the wall, floor or ceiling. The fog adds the beam from the fixture through the air.

Dancing UNder Blue and Purple LightsDancing under the lights. Photo by Levi Nilsson - Apogee Studios

IV. Projection:

* Our show boasts a 8' x 6' projection screen. It can be used for your slide show, presentation, karaoke, Dance Central competition, prerecorded message from a guest who could not attend in person, and any other use you can think of. And when the dancing starts the screen becomes a phenomenal backdrop.
* The Epson projector pushes 3000 lumens.
* The projector mounts on the truss. There is no interference with the dance floor.

Call us today for a quote for your party!!!

We do have a number of other add-ons based on needs of special occasions. We want to hear your unique ideas and adapt to your desires. Red Carpet Entertainment, LLC serves only the Anchorage Bowl area.

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