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Red Carpet Entertainment can help you turn your next brithday into a party your guests will be raving about for years to come. The party in the video to the right featured general dancing based on the host's music list as well as the guests' requests, karaoke and a Dance Central competition at the end of the evening. The blizzard happening outside the hotel windows was also included for free, but is based on seasonal availability. The ceiling in the Top of the World is ten feet, and the soffits posed a problem for connecting the truss. DJ Johnny Oh! used special O-clamps that Red Carpet had redesigned to allow the truss to pass under the soffits allowing the full system to still be incorporated over the dance floor.
Birthday party on the Top of the World at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel on March 14, 2014. Music: Bassbreaker's "Full of Silence (Radio Edit)". Used with permission from the artist.
Costume and theme parties are our specialty. We will work with you to make your party extraordinary. The DJs tailor the entertainment to support and enhance the theme of your event. The DJs will dress to the theme as well. For the 2013 Halloween costume party DJ Chester Chomp and DJ Johnny Oh! came prepared with 5+ hours of Halloween music for a three hour party. That way they could play what the guests enjoy. The team had reprogrammed the lights to include more oranges and reds, and added spooky glowing eyes in the background. At this particular party a lot of parents and children attended. DJ Chester Chomp had anticipated this and created a special dance for the Monster Mash. Check out the video to the right. The projection on the screen is contained in the small box at the lower left corner. If you want to try the dance yourself, maximize the video to full screen and dance along!  
Dancing the Monster Mash at a Halloween party on October 25, 2013. Music: Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kicker's "Monster Mash"
Rhythm of Light Dance Studio wanted an underwater/tropical theme for their studio party in the summer of 2017. DJ Chester Chomp used six water LEDs to make the guests feel like they were dancing underwater. The backdrop video on two large screens featured scenes of beaches, mermaids, watersports, cliff diving underand beach/pool parties. The music mixed themes of water, summer fun, beach parties and surf jams, crossing the genres of hip-hop, electronic dance, club dance, latin, pop and house music. Blow up palm trees and a giant parrot were used to decorate the red carpet entrance. The guests were each given a flower lei to welcome them to the party.  
The Plunge dance party filmed by Chidiebere Iwuoha, Jr. on July 21, 2017.


Glow Parties - A glow party utilizes another whole range of lighting effects. This add-on includes a flood of black light in a completely dark area. Build anticipation and excitement by announcing the fact that your event will be a glow party in your invitations. There are a number of things guests can do in terms of their outfits to give off glow when they walk into the black-lighted room. We then hand out goodie bags of glow items for the guests to have fun decorating each other. The end effect creates a riot of color and a supercharged party atmosphere. We placed the DJ music, lighting and projection in another area of the house. Guests could go from dancing under the firestorm of special effects lighting to chilling, snacking, drinking and chatting with the other guests in the glow room.

This is a $500 upgrade from the base package and includes black lights and enough glow supplies to decorate 40 guests. Additional guests can be accommodated at an increased price.



Glow Party Photos

Glow party Nicholas hosted on January 19, 2013



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