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About The Staff

Jon Orzechowski and Nicholas Kittleson

Nicholas Kittleson (aka "DJ Chester Chomp") - (Owner and DJ) Nicholas has been entertaining since childhood. He began collecting music in elementary school in the 1970s. During high school if he was not out dancing at the local under age nightclubs he was hosting his own parties. In the late 1980s Nicholas took a year off from high school to live in Europe. His record/CD collection grew as he was introduced to a wider variety of music in European record stores and night clubs. In college he volunteered at KRUA radio. Nicholas produced "The Shimi Show" for two years, a popular alternative variety show. He played "The Evil Ra Shimi" along with co-host Pam Hopkins "The Shim-a-imi." During law school he continued to practice with his own small two channel mixer. After moving back to Anchorage and opening his law firm, Nicholas spent evenings learning how to ballroom dance. He charmed his lovely wife, Joann, with his smooth moves at a Senior Center dance. The couple have been married twenty years and are still dancing together. Nicholas was approached by Pastor Dan Bollerud with an idea for building a live web broadcasting studio in the basement of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church. After assisting in building the studio and upgrading the sactuary sound system, Nicholas produced the podcast "World of Sound" for four years from that studio. He produced the Soundwave Source new music podcast as DJ Chester Chomp from 2012-2014. Joann and Nicholas started "Party For A Purpose" in an effort to bring awareness and raise money for local non-profit organizations including Habitat For Humanity, Bean's Cafe, Clare House, Lutheran Social Services and AWAIC. Nicholas has been having fun utilizing special effects lighting and projection at his events. In 2013 Nicholas decided to bring Anchorage parties to a new level and started Red Carpet Entertainment.

"I like creating surprise and wonder with surrealistic environments. My guests can interact with each other through chatting, laughing, playing, singing, dancing and expressing the joy they are feeling. I love seeing the 'Wow!' twinkle in their eyes."
- Nicholas Kittleson


Victor Lugo, Jr. (aka "Iceberg Ville") - (DJ) Vic is an American/Latino DJ born in Cleveland, Ohio. In his teens, Iceberg Ville spent most of his time listening and dancing to all sorts of music. His passion for DJing began at an early age spinning music for parties, events, and local gatherings.  His popularity became noticeably large in his community when Iceberg began hosting shows where mostly local musicians and music recording artists would headline these performances. Billboard Music Awardees and Grammy Nominee recording artists like Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa,  Machine Gun Kelly and Kid Cudi were all amongst his collaborative cast of headlined performances.

Iceberg Ville released his first promotional album in Fayetteville, North Carolina providing a supporting cast of top local hip hop artists in North Carolina that ignited a East coast tour to states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,  New York and Virginia for performances.  Iceberg Ville now lives in Anchorage, Alaska and has made an excellent addition to the Red Carpet Entertainment cast. Se habla Español.


Austin Hummel - (DJ) Born and raised in Anchorage Alaska, Austin spent his teen years passionate about entertainment. Beginning with “Wake me up when September ends” by Green Day, he expanded his musical library with hip-hop, rap, techno, and much more. “As long as I can remember, music has been playing a large role in my personal life. It continues to serve as entertainment, bringing everyone closer than ever before.” In New York City, Austin spent three months on a competitive ballroom team, learning step-by-step the correct form and beauty of many American and Latin style ballroom dances.  He now pursues his dreams of going to medical school while entertaining the folks of Alaska with Red Carpet Entertainment.


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