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If you are looking for an unforgettable night of dancing, Red Carpet Entertainment, LLC knows how to heat up the dance floor. Even the most shy in your group will be tapping their toes until they can't help but jump into the mix. Our light show is second to none in Anchorage. Our DJs specialize in playing infectious grooves. We also tailor the music to your dance crowd and the theme of your event. To the right is a show we did for South Anchorage High School on January 31, 2014. The theme was "Sadies in the 80s." The host instructed us during the dance when he wanted 80s music played and when he wanted modern music played. We were prepped for both and transitioned back and forth between the two. There was no fog used at this event. (Compare to video below where fog was used.) The guests still enjoyed the glow and the flashing lights even though there were no beams and laser canopies created here. The projection screen featured images of the 1980s including art, history, fashion, pop culture, consumer products, architecture and skylines of the 1980s.  

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The video to the right features clips of a dance we performed on September 27th, 2013, at Alaska Dance Promotions. DJ Iceberg Ville was on the turntables and DJ Projekt ran the lights during these clips. At this event, DJ Chester Chomp taught an easy lesson on how to do the basic step in the waltz. We played foxtrot, tango, waltz, swing, slow dance two-step, twist, hustle, nightclub two-step, merengue, salsa, and bachata. Then we played a mix of popular club hits that everyone could freestyle dance to. We also interspersed line dances including the Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and Wobble. Several of the guests jumped up and danced on the sub-woofer on the left side of the DJs. Notice the spinning gobo with the dance's theme "FirstLove" that appears on the floor. That gobo can be changed to fit your event. If you design and print the gobo yourself then there is no charge. We will even provide you the template (Adobe Illustrator format) for free. And if you want us to design and print your gobo, we charge $50 per hour. The gobo you see here took less than one hour to prepare.
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